Friday, September 10, 2010

Ibama Twins at the Tokyo Dome

The Ibama Twins got into Tokyo this afternoon and the first thing they wanted to do was visit the Tokyo Dome.

Rex says, "Hey Max, wave to the people!"

Max says, "I am waving! Get your hand outa my face!"

Tokyo Dome (東京ドーム Tōkyō Dōmu, TYO: 9681) is a 55,000-seat stadium (actual capacity: 42,000 seats) located in Bunkyo Ward of Tokyo, Japan.

It opened for business on March 17, 1988 and was built close to the site of its predecessor, Kōrakuen Stadium. Like Kōrakuen, the Dome hosts the Toei Superheroes live shows of the year.

Its dome-shaped roof is an air-supported structure, a flexible membrane held up by slightly pressurizing the inside of the stadium.

Tokyo Dome's original nickname was "The Big Egg", with some calling it the "Tokyo Big Egg".

It is the home field of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, and has also hosted basketball, American football and association football games.

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  1. ROFLMAO!! There's always one in the crowd LOL I didn't know they had a dome. I'm glad the boys brought that to my attention. :)