About the Twins

Max and Rex Ibama, identical twins,  were born in Honolulu back in 1954. Their mother named them Maxim and Rexall but they chose to use their nick names. They work hard for a living visiting all parts of the world and it's only been lately that this blog was set up to follow them. They are open-minded, lovely men who love learning new things and are happy that the blog now brings their adventures to the blogosphere.

They are getting ready to go to maryt's niece's wedding in Oklahoma City but right after the wedding they will continue on their around the world tour.  Check out the Index to their travels on the tab next to this on the blog.

Now that the Ibama twins are back in the US of A they will be traveling all over the country. They started in New York City and are now down on the Jersey Shore. If you got any suggestions for places to visit just send an e-mail to indexer@aol.com.

If you have any questions about Max and Rex you can write to them at indexer@aol.com