Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Ibama Twins Go Without Me to Oklahoma City

The boys went to Oklahoma City without me today because I came down with pneumonia. I was glad they went to attend the wedding of my niece, Carol, and to send my love and apologies. They told me they intend to take a lot of pictures (I lent them a camera) of the wedding but when they arrive in Oklahoma City they went directly to the Oklahoma City Memorial after they picked up the Hertz car Vinny had reserved for them.

Max and Rex were awed and saddened as you can see in this picture of the Memorial chairs. The chairs are located on the footprint of the Alfred P. Murrah building (the building that was bombed) and each chair represents a person who died that day. Smaller chairs represent the children who died.

I had hoped that I would have been able to visit the Memorial. Well, maybe someday.

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  1. Well I'm sorry you are ill my friend. Take care of yourself. I'm glad the boys got to go for you. That's nice of them. I didn't know about this memorial at this building. How wonderful it must be to see that. I remember that happening so well. Another devastating event that we had to endure that made us all better people :)